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When Paneer meets Potato

It's widely said, "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life". This is what came to our minds when we came across a restaurant around Kudasan,Gandhinagar. The idea that we carried in our minds seemed real. We always had a thought of how people who are non-vegetarian mentioned paneer being "The Chicken Level" ingredient in vegetarian's life. As we hail from a Gujarati background we thought of combining the love of panner along with potato and came up with the name of our dream restaurant "thepaneerandpotato".Being a doctor it was always difficult to manage my professional life and the love of starting something. My wife and I always thought of starting something but the thought was unclear.

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Shop No.88, Pramukh Mastana, nr. Reliance Circle, Service Rd, Kudasan
+91 95101 04495


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Why Choose us

Experiencing something which you always thought of starting and having one of your own, gives you power above all the odds in life and pushes you to chase it. This was the moment of realization for us, to give life to our ideas which we always carried in our minds. “Thepaneerandpotato” is the outcome of our dreams which we always wanted to be out there for the people who loved food and wanted to experience something which is different. As a couple, we were always excited to experiment with food and came up with brilliant ideas that were liked by our friends and family members. Going that extra mile for something that we loved fulfilled that desire which our professional lives couldn’t.

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+91 95101 04495


Shop No.88, Pramukh Mastana, nr. Reliance Circle, Service Rd, Kudasan,
Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382421

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